We’re resourceful, reliable, and highly skilled

Greenberry is built on a foundation of reliability, trust, and hard work. At our core, every employee, from our highly skilled, multi-disciplined craftspeople to our knowledgeable, experienced managers, has earned trust and credibility through their problem-solving skills and initiative. This approach, along with an overall company focus on excellence and safety, leads to consistent client praise and shining endorsements. We’re proud to have an amazing team of talented, resourceful employees.

Employee News

August 2013


Barry Leavitt joins Greenberry as a Project Engineer in our Cut Bank, MT facility.

Greenberry adds Patrick McGinley as VP Canadian Operations. Pat brings 25+ years of experience in construction operations for industrial facilities within the energy, oil and gas, and pulp and paper sectors. Pat will be based in our Edmonton regional office.

July 2013

Greg Toy has joined Greenberry as VP of Organizational Development. Greg is a veteran of the industrial construction world, with experiences ranging from business development, human resources management, and organizational management. Greg was previously the executive director of the Northwest Construction Consumers’ Council.

Anders Wick has been promoted from Project Estimator to Project Engineer.

May 2013

Greenberry added Jon Jordan as a Senior Project Manager in our Northern Washington region.

April 2013

Greenberry added Denise Farmer to its P6 Scheduling/Cost Controls team.

Bruce Ostrowski has joined Greenberry as a Regional QA Manager in our Northern Washington Region.

March 2013

Richard Edwards has joined Greenberry’s P6 Scheduling/Cost Controls team.

February 2013

Greenberry added Tony Poppe as a Fabrication Project Manager.

Greenberry added Matt Hurych as an Estimator.

January 2013

Jason Smith joins Greenberry as Electrical Division Manager.

November 2012

Randy Evenson, a 25-year industrial construction veteran, joins Greenberry as Corporate Safety Manager.

May 2012

Richard Bruijn has been promoted to Pipe Shop Foreman at our Ferndale, WA fabrication facility.

April 2012

Greenberry adds Dan Rubin as Sales & Marketing Manager. Dan brings 20 years of experience in B2B marketing, sales and business development.

March 2012

Greenberry adds Brett Waller as Project Engineer.

Greenberry adds Mike Schnepp to its safety team.

February 2011

Justin Brunelle has been promoted to Shop Foreman at our Ferndale, WA fabrication facility.

October 2011

Greenberry adds Seth Quinby (Shop Manager).

September 2011

Greenberry adds Tom Howell as Construction Manager.

July 2011

Greenberry adds Todd Tunison as Superintendent.

June 2011

Greenberry adds Dennis Weaver (Nuclear Project Manager) and Mark Stapleton (Nuclear Project Engineer). Both have an extensive nuclear background.

May 2011

Greenberry adds Tammy Bass as Accounting Manager. Tammy brings over 20 years of industry experience in finance, accounting, and is active in the Construction Financial Management Association.

Greenberry promotes Tim Thoming and Eli Chisholm to Project Managers.

April 2011

Greenberry adds Rodney Billinghurst as Project Engineer.

March 2011

Greenberry adds Desiree Ropel as Site Safety Representative/Engineer. Desiree, a Graduate of University of Washington and Naval Officer, brings extensive industrial site safety experience.

February 2011

Greenberry adds Sterling Simmons as Project Engineer.

January 2011

Greenberry adds Jim Grabski as Chief Financial Officer. Jim brings over 20 years of industry experience in senior level finance, accounting, and business management process.

Greenberry adds Brian Webb as Project Manager.

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Don Rudolph
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